Am I a Bad Mom if I let my Child Fall & get Hurt?

“In our happiness-obsessed culture, we often feel like bad parents, bad teachers, bad friends—bad people—when we allow others or ourselves to fall.”

Shannon Mullen, Elephant Journal

This isn’t an article about parenting.

Not really.

I’m not a mom.

But I know that my amazing mom friends seem to be asking themselves this question a lot.

To access my article in Elephant Journal, an online magazine about mindful living, click here.

5 thoughts on “Am I a Bad Mom if I let my Child Fall & get Hurt?

  1. Great article Shannon!

    I know you hate typos so I thought I would point out that the word “addiction” is missing the “c”.

    Great job once again.


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  2. Thanks Shannon ! I do think encouraging and being supportive to a friend or colleague is a good gesture. It doesn’t mean that one cannot suffer as they obviously are, at least there is a network to help them re build which helps people become resilient. Facing problems on their own knowing they have support. Dad I let the kids fall . Big deal.

    Life is Good !🚴‍♀️



    1. Thanks Dad! You make a good point. Maybe part of the reason that I am able to take such risks in my life is because I have such a strong network of support from people like you. Even though you can’t ‘catch’ me when you I fall, you are there to support if I need helping getting back up. thanks for being a great Dad!


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