Writing & Research

Happiness= Coffee & Creativity * Café al Alma, Medellin, Colombia

I write about what I love.

Life. Travel. Adventure. Curiosity. People. Social issues. Canada. Dreaming. Writing. Teaching. Creating.

Some of my writing is academic. Some of it is narrative reflections. Some of it is creative.

All of it helps me understand myself & the world a little more clearly.


I am currently seeking literary representation for my unpublished, unnamed first novel.

Perhaps love in the digital age is more like Netflix binge-watching: we enjoy bursts of fantasy, and then move on to something else when it’s done.”

Written in competing “he said/she said” first-person narratives, it* shows how a young couple fights to survive after undiagnosed mental illness devastates their relationship. It draws on the styles of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Lisa Genova’s Still Alice, and Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild, and would thus appeal to readers of the psychological thriller and travel/adventure genres.

Please contact me if you are a literary agent interested in reading more of my work.

Memoir & Creative Non-Fiction


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Scholarly Contributions

Collectors Treasury, Johannesburg, South Africa

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