I am currently seeking literary representation for my unpublished novel, See What Flowers. 

            The night of her 30th birthday party, Emma Watters goes to bed feeling like life couldn’t be more perfect: she has achieved her dream of becoming a doctor and is finally living with the man she loves, Adam Davison. However, when she wakes up the next morning, Adam is gone. All that remains is a note: “Gone to get groceries.” Instead of proposing to her as planned, Adam impulsively takes a taxi to Toronto Pearson Airport and buys a ticket for the next flight to Vancouver. On the west coast, he ventures into the wilderness of his own mind on a journey of self-discovery. He struggles with two competing versions of himself, which the prose of the novel reflects, and his return to Toronto tests Emma’s desire for the perfectly ordered life she thought they had.

Written in competing “he said/she said” first-person narratives, See What Flowers shows how a young couple fights to survive after undiagnosed mental illness devastates their relationship. It draws on the styles of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Lisa Genova’s Still Alice, and Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild, and would thus appeal to readers of the psychological thriller and travel/adventure genres.

While this is my first novel, my writing has been published in The Globe and Mail, Elephant Journaland The Queen’s Journal. In addition, I worked as a weekly blogger for the University of Toronto’s Student Life blog, UpBeaT. I have also presented my ideas at academic conferences (my PhD in Sociology is on hiatus after completing my coursework and comprehensive exams) at the University of Ottawa, The University of Victoria, and The University of Western Ontario.

Please contact me if you are a literary agent interested in reading more of my work.