Scholarly Contributions


As a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Ottawa, I have presented my ideas at academic conferences at the University of Ottawa, the University of Victoria, and the University of Western Ontario.

My research interests are sociology of education, reconciliation, indigenous education, environmental sociology, sociology of sport, critical qualitative research, and participatory action research.

Mullen, S. (June 25, 2014). The boundaries of a teacher/researcher in critical qualitative     research in education. 31st Annual Qualitative Analysis ConferenceBrescia University College, London, Ontario.

Mullen, S. (June 8, 2013). Is ‘hope’ really ‘power’? Considerations for implementing human rights ideology into meaningful practice. The 48th Annual Conference of the Canadian Sociological Association, University of Victoria.

Mullen, S. (April 17, 2013). Pumping to perfection: The promotion of ‘healthy’ body ideals by female fitness instructors. Le raisonnement sociologique en action. Colloque des doctorantes et doctorants, cohorte 2012-2013. Université d’Ottawa.

Mullen, S. (April 16, 2013). Ripped: The promotion of female body ideals by female fitness instructors. Living Research: Reflexivities, Positionalities, Transformations. Department of Sociology and Anthropology Conference, University of Ottawa.

Mullen, S. (March 1, 2013). “Boom-schools” and “bust-schools”: Educational inequities in petro-communities. Transformational Research: Creativity, Conversations, and Communities of Change. GSAED’s 16th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference. University of Ottawa.