“What does it mean to be human and alive?” (Wade Davis)

Photoshoot at the iceberg on a beauty -40 C day in Pond Inlet, Nunavut

Since completing my B.Ed. at the University of Toronto in 2009, I’ve worked as a high school teacher in the United Kingdom, British Columbia, the Canadian Arctic, Colombia, and currently, in Toronto, Ontario.

During this time, I’ve also travelled to more than 25 countries. Even though it’s been a little chaotic (and humbling) to have moved around the world so much, I’ve learned some valuable lessons–about people, life, and most of all, myself–from each adventure.

In 2015, I took time off from teaching to write my first novel, See What Flowers, which is available through Amazon as both a paperback and an eBook. Please connect with me on Goodreads to discuss books & writing!

My writing has been published in The Globe and Mail, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, Thought Catalogand The Queen’s Journal. Recently, I told a live story at True Stories Told Live Toronto.

As a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Ottawa, I have presented my ideas at academic conferences at the University of Ottawa, the University of Victoria, and the University of Western Ontario. My research interests are sociology of education, indigenous education, environmental sociology, sociology of sport, critical qualitative research, and participatory action research.

I also have a HUGE passion for health & fitness. I believe that pushing myself in the gym helps me feel stronger in my every day life. I have been teaching fitness classes since 2005 when I took my Can Fit Pro FIS (Fitness Instructor Specialist) as part of my BPHE at Queen’s University. I am currently working as a Group Fitness Instructor at GoodLife Fitness clubs in Toronto. You can check out my class schedule here.

I hope that this blog will help me share some of the wisdom I’ve gained through teaching, writing & travel.

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